CBF Services uses its technologies to predict which of your customers will default long before they do. Our analytic solutions help us identify the consumers most likely to pay and help those consumers pay quickly. By breaking consumers down into further categories we identify those that need education or minor assistance to help them find resolutions to their financial needs, which of course addresses our client’s financial needs. These analytics are further available to our clients through our secure website.

We can predict how likely a debtor is to pay an account through our access to credit scoring models. Our scoring models use multiple character and behavior attributes stored in credit reports to score portfolios. Using this model, accounts are scored and scrubbed to predict account payment probability with a high degree of accuracy.

CBF Services is able to be more productive by focusing on the debtors more likely to pay. CBF Services provides clients with a wealth of benefits including the following:

  • Pre-employment Screening
  • Credit Reports
  • Credit Scoring
  • Bankruptcy Information
  • Asset and Liability Investigations

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Access your customers’ credit report through CBF Services. Plus we can help you locate lost customers, gather data about your customers.

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