Process & Compliance


Since 1948 CBF Services is a proven leader in third-party collections as well as extended Business Management Services (BMS). Our success in generating revenue from delinquent receivables while maintaining a high degree of satisfaction with our clients and debtors offers structural support to the businesses we assist.


CBF Services corporate compliance program ensures adherence to compliance-related issues at all levels of our organization and across myriad disciplines. Our fully integrated compliance program provides uninterrupted service from our key resources – our technology and our people. At the core, physical and information security compliance activity, including external certifications protects the technology we rely upon so all other processes can count on these protections. Additionally, we use a multi-faceted approach to compliance around Human Resources, including education and training on applicable regulations including the Fair Debt Collection Practices Act (FDCPA), the Fair Credit Reporting Act (FCRA), and the Requirements of the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA), and Graham – Leach Bliley, and our employee relations practices protects our team and our clients from adverse action.

Quality Assurance

CBF Services consistently receives the highest ratings from the Better Business Bureau BBB where we maintain an A+ rating. We have a state-of-the-art Quality Center which features centralized monitoring and control of all the activities that happen within our office. We are dedicated to quality assurance and regularly measure ourselves to improve the quality service we provide to our clients.

Superior Technology

CBF Services has implemented a scalable, technical infrastructure that has the flexibility to support growing client volume while delivering the highest levels of service. Our customer contact centers feature state-of-the-art technologies, including predictive dialer’s digital switching, digital recording of every phone call, workforce management systems and automated call distribution systems.

Backup and Redundancy – CBF services data center, located in Farmington New Mexico, is a 4500 square-foot secure building housing the servers and infrastructure to support all company operations. There are multiple UNIX-based servers with one configured as our failover in the event another experiences difficulty. We also maintain a separate secure facility in Durango, Colorado that services as our dual network backup system. In the unlikely event of a disaster at either facility our system will expedite hot cutover to the other facility to insure continuous operations.


CBF Services encourages our clients to hold us to the highest levels of accountability. Through our secure website our clients can view our progress and results 24/7. Our clients can view global data on their accounts or view any individual account. This ensures openness and transparency in our operations and brings a high degree of confidence for clients.

CBF Services offers litigation services through our network of law firms that specialize in creditor’s rights and legal collections.

Through its relationship with law firms CBF Services is able to provide clients with cost fixed effective solutions by having client accounts placed with our legal team.

We meet the needs of creditors large and small, when they require of pre-litigation collection campaigns for selected accounts or for nationwide bankruptcy recovery programs. We improve our client’s bottom line by working closely with them to identify and implement solutions to yield quality results.

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